A Designer’s Inside Scoop from KBIS 2018

We’re just now returning from KBIS 2018 (Kitchen & Bath Industry Show), the largest kitchen and bath show in the country.  We’re ecstatic to share some of the things we learned in the latest styles, colors, designs and technologies.

First off, we were AMAZED at all the color we’re starting to see – in all spaces of the kitchen!  From accent cabinetry (navy and blues are hot, hot, hot) to faucets, appliances and even sinks.  Adding the right amount of color to your kitchen can really make it pop!


In regards to cabinetry, we saw a lot of two tone cabinetry, bleached cabinetry and blacks and dark grays.  Most often, black kitchens were paired with brushed gold appliances and fixtures which gave off a contemporary and masculine feel, but with a hint of elegance.


We also were able to confirm some of our 2018 trends we predicted last year, including quartz taking precedence to granite, white kitchens being replaced with more natural neutrals and the abundance of metals in faucets, range hoods and even on islands.


As always, we thoroughly enjoyed learning about the latest and greatest in kitchen and bath design and can’t wait to share everything we’ve learned with our incredible clients!



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