These timeless pieces will stand the test of time in your kitchen!

Want a kitchen that will evolve with your changing style through the years? Invest in timeless pieces and forget the trends. Check out some of our tips and tricks below on the little changes you could make to ensure your kitchen stands the test of time.

Integrated Appliances: A trend that seems to cycle in and out every 5-7 years. We’ll again be seeing flush mount fridges, built-in fridges, flush mount ovens and microwaves. Go ahead and integrate your appliances into the design. It’s a keeper!

Big, Practical Stone Sinks: Porcelain sinks will always be a classic, but stone is where the trend is heading and where it will stay. While looks are important, the emphasis is on function. Large, single bowls contain splashes while also roomy enough for large pots and pans that require hand washing.

Open Layouts: When the walls of your kitchen come down, the kitchen is able to become a more integral part of the home. The combined layout of cooking and dining, allows for optimum multitasking – preparing dinner, watching the daily news and helping with homework…all at the same time.

Technology in the Kitchen: From appliances to recipe assistance, technology in the kitchen is here to stay. The connected home has spilled over from the office into the kitchen with many new technologies bringing convenience to your kitchen – think smart ovens, advanced appliances and voice activation capabilities.

Single-level Islands: These are becoming more and more the norm these days. A flat, extended countertop provides significantly more workspace than a raised tier and provides a better sight-line into the rest of the kitchen.

Deep Drawers: These are a great option for those who want to see minimal upper cabinetry. Consider using slimmer drawers at the top of units for cutlery and utensils and deeper ones at the bottom to hide your pots, pans and plates. While you’re at it, go crazy and add in a few kitchen drawer dividers to make your life even easier.

Clean-line Designs: There are a multitude of reasons we’re loving clean lines in the kitchen these days. Clean lines make a space seem bigger and brighter and can impact how we perceive a room’s size. Clean lines also let fancy features, like textured cabinet door finishes, marbled countertops or a vibrant backsplash stand out. They can also help embrace a clean color palette such the fresh look of grey and white and the dramatic look of black and white.

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