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We put together our list of must-know tips when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Keep these kitchen remodling tips in mind when you start your next project, and we promise it will be a breeze!

1. Invest your dollars in the best cabinetry you can afford and worry about the appliances later. 

In other words, don’t sacrifice the quality of your cabinets for new appliances if budget is an issue. Instead, delay purchasing your dream appliances. Why? Long after you’ve replaced your refrigerator and dishwasher, your cabinets will still remain standing. They are truly the foundation for a beautiful kitchen.

2. Forget the matchy-matchy!

Matching all appliances, fixtures, plumbing and hardware is a thing of the past. We’re seeing clients mixing and matching finishes in all areas of their kitchens – the options are endless!

3. Stick with Transitional designs.

More than 60% of National Kitchen & Bath Association designers say contemporary, with its sleek simplicity, is the fastest-growing kitchen style. Fussy doodads and decorative and distressed glazes are out. However, contemporary designs encourage a non-cluttered look, which can be hard to maintain in a busy home. So it’s better to hedge your bets with transitional designs, which combine contemporary and traditional to exploit the best parts of each.

4. Don’t forget about function and embrace accessibility.

Are you planning on aging with your new kitchen? Consider side-opening ovens at counter level height to avoid reaching up or down to grab that pie baking away. Other bells and whistles to consider adding: microwave drawers, removable boxes that let you reorganize your drawers at will, slots to hold plates and silverware dividers. You’ll thank yourself later…we promise!

5. Trends come and go.

Don’t just take someone else’s advice. Truly know your own style and trust what you love! Not sure what your style is? Take our quiz to create your personalized moodboard to define your style.

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