If you’re about to embark on a new kitchen design or renovation, you may be considering the all-white kitchen.

After all, it’s pretty much all we’re seeing on Pinterest these days – so it MUST be the way to go, right?  WRONG.

While we’ll not be the first to admit that an all-white kitchen will certainly give you an elegant and timeless look, we know there are downsides associated with this trend too (spills and smudges and splashes, oh my!).  White kitchens aren’t for everyone and we’re here to show you 8 alternatives to consider when tackling a kitchen remodel of your very own.

A slight variation from the all white kitchen is the off-white kitchen.  With ample white undertones this Yorktowne Cabinetry kitchen is warmed up with a dark Cesarstone counter top and custom barnwood range hood. 

Mouser Cabinetry’s Zebra wood offers a unique striped pattern that will bring character and conversation to any space.  In this space our clients opted to include this wood variety as a focal point in their wet bar area.  We’re loving this contemporary feel it brings to this space.

One of the hottest trends right now in kitchen design is the black kitchen.  Whether you have a traditional, contemporary or modern design aesthetic, black cabinets are incredibly versatile.  However, if you’re not quite ready to take the dive into an all black kitchen, consider adding some color in an accent piece like a wet bar, island, or a built in buffet, like this beauty.  

If you find yourself teetering on the fence about white in the kitchen we love the option of adding a two-tone look with painted white cabinetry and stained wood.  Traditionally the two tone look places the white cabinets on top with darker cabinetry on the lowers, but we’re totally digging how this Yorktowne Cabinetry space was switched up!

For those traditionalists out there (we love ya!) we will never tire of a beautiful wood kitchen, stained to perfection.  We’re still designing kitchens in beautiful alder, walnut and even cherry wood varieties and when they turn out this sublime, can you blame us? 

Grey all day with this Mouser Cabinetry stunner!  Grey in the kitchen is a great neutral that often times offers a warmer look than all white cabinetry.  Extra warmth in this space came from both the brass hardware and the walnut island.  

This Mouser Cabinetry contemporary designed space boasts a high-gloss laminate door in a solid ivory color.  Juxtaposed against a stained walnut wood and pop of indigo, this clean lined kitchen screams chicness.  

From classic cobalt to royal blue to dreamy turquoise, nothing refreshes a dull kitchen like a blue hue.  This Mouser Cabinetry kitchen packs a punch with deep navy cabinetry, a perfectly bookmatched quartz countertop and black metallic backsplash.  Anyone else ready to move in?!

There you have it!  If white kitchens aren’t your fancy we’ve provided you with a 8 entirely different looks to consider.  There’s plenty more where that came from!  Check out our moodboard today to help define your style and let our experts do the rest!


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