Remodeling Your Kitchen in 2018? Listen Up!

Here are the 2018 kitchen design trends:

Quartz is IN and Granite is OUT: Quartz is the number one product on the market right now with incredible finish options that require less upkeep than granite. The shimmering look is less dominant than other materials, making it more timeless for the near future.

Take it Outdoors: Nature-inspired colors will take over in the kitchen, with natural neutrals, two-toned cabinetry and warm selections like clay, copper and taupe taking precedent to the white kitchens of 2017.

Two-tone Cabinetry: Want to make a visual impact or add variation to a more traditional kitchen? Consider integrating two-tone cabinets into your design. Or, if choosing a second color seems intimidating, try a secondary material that complements the undertones of your primary color.

Minimalist Inspired Shelving: Open shelving is replacing upper cabinetry as homeowners opt for an open, airy look to showcase unique dishware.

Under-counter Appliances: While upper cabinets disappear and more windows are introduced to your kitchen, appliances have shifted below the countertops. New microwave models now even load from the top, rather than the front, for convenience.

Metals Galore: If you want to keep it classy, opt for chrome, satin and brass. Shiny brass is on trend right now in a big way. We’re seeing it in all details – faucets, range hoods, and even on the fronts of islands

The Bubbly: Champagne is more than just a beverage! Expect to see champagne color inspired appliances.

Which 2018 kitchen design trends are your favorite?

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