Project Phase Guide Basic Steps to Designing and Installing a New Kitchen or Bath

A typical kitchen project includes the following phases:

Project PhaseTypical Tasks
Complimentary service
  • Analysis and documentation of needs, requirement, goals and objectives
  • Space and adjacency requirements
  • Special needs assessments
  • Analysis of architectural parameters
  • Analysis of scheduling and budget
Preliminary Design
Complimentary service
  • Preliminary conceptual design
  • Design layout options
  • Focus on conceptual and thematic issues
  • Interactive conceptual design review
  • Preliminary budgetary information

Kitchen Design diagram

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Design Development
Fee-based service,
ask for details
  • Finalized, refined design presentation incorporating all necessary space planning components of design
  • Graphic presentation of finalized design can include conceptual diagrams; space plans; and plans for furniture, fixtures and equipment, as well as elevations; sections; 3-D Drawings; colors, materials, and finish samples
  • Design of related elements and details
  • Finalize color, materials and finish selections

Kitchen Design sketch

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Construction Documents
Fee-based service,
ask for details
  • Preparation of drafted, working drawings and/or contract documents
  • Preparation of drawings, schedules, details, and specifications
  • Preparation of equipment documents

Kitchen Design Blueprint

Kitchen Design Documents

Kitchen Design Floorplan

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Construction Administration
Fee-based service,
ask for details
  • Guide and review construction and installation
  • Periodic site visits
  • Coordination of shop drawings
  • Review of drawings with installer
  • Billing and payment
  • Preparation of punch list